2017 Kloosterboer on Luxenburg

2017 Women Painting WTF They Want

2017 Galeria Artelibre, Anuario ‘Arte y Libertad X11’

2017 Galeria Artelibre

2017 Industrialism in the 21st Century

2017 American Art Collector Magazine, February 2017 issue

2015 Elusive Window Reflections

2015, April 10, page 21 

2015 Inspiring Architectural Art
March 19, 2015

2014 Encyclopedia of Photorealism/Hyperrealism Genre

2014 The Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Sheryl Luxenburg

2014 Wow Hyperrealism art by Sheryl Luxenburg

2014 Hyperrealism art by Sheryl Luxenburg

2014 News About Hyperrealism and Photorealism
Bernarducci-Meise gallery, New York 20 June – September 1,   Sheryl Luxenburg, The Spaces Between Us, The Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario 

2012 The Designmobius – the artworks of Tom Milliner: October…

2012 Music and Beyond

2012 The Fear of Impermanence

2007 International Artist Magazine, Feb-March 2007, pages 118-128 Painting Two Planes of Sensory Perception:
Excerpt of article in pdf (3.5 MB)
Sheryl Luxenburg specializes in hyper-realism, which is the translation of what is found in the 3D real world into the creative world of the flat painting.

2005 American Artist Magazine, May 2005, pages 60-66, Moments Frozen in Time, by Stephen Doherty
Excerpts of article in pdf (760 KB)

Select Reviews Year 2000…
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