The Hyperrealism Paintings of Sheryl Luxenburg



Art Daybook: Reflecting on highrise construction
Looking at Sheryl Luxenburg’s acrylic paintings, you can’t miss what’s outside the window

American Art Collector Magazine, February 2017 issue


Big Beat: Paintings of convention centre and migrations at … › … › Music › Books › Celebrity › Cappies • 1 hour ago
2015-05-04 • One of Sheryl Luxenburg’s obsessive study of the Ottawa Convention Centre and the Westin Hotel, … Ottawa Citizen Video. Traffic. Bank …

Elusive Window Reflections
April 10, 2015

Inspiring Architectural Art
March 19, 2015

To learn more about the Photorealism/Hyperrealism genre


The WOW Artists League
I often come across artists whose work I really like, and then there are whose artists whose work give me goosebumps and leave me speechless…

The Hyper-Realistic Paintings of Sheryl Luxenburg | Oddity
We’ve seen lots of artists creating portraits that look like photographs, but very few have come as close to the real thing as Sheryl Luxenburg.

Wow – Hyperrealism art by Sheryl Luxemburg looks too real to be true
Notice anything “off” about the picture above, like maybe it’s not a photograph but rather a hyper-realistic painting by Ottawa, Ontario artist Sheryl Luxenburg.

Wow – Hyperrealism art by Sheryl Luxenburg looks too real to be true
May 8, 2014

Flickr: geekslop’s Photostream
Although her paintings look almost too real to be true, her technique is “classical” in nature.

These Are PAINTINGS Y’all! – Mulder’s World
There’s a new trend in painting called “hyperrealism” and we’ve featured it … shown here are done by Ottawa, Ontario artist, Sheryl Luxenberg.

News About Hyperrealism and Photorealism
Feb 10, 2014
Bernarducci-Meisel gallery, New York 20 June – September 1:  Sheryl Luxenburg, The Spaces Between Us, The Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario…


hyperrealism – Answers To Unasked Questions
Oct 9, 2013 – At present time Linnea is working in the genre of hyperrealism and participates in the … Stunning Hyperrealism, Part 1, Sheryl Luxenburg.


The designmobius – the artworks of Tom Mulliner: October…
October 1, 2012‎

Sheryl Luxenburg | Music and Beyond
July 7, 2012

Sheryl Luxenburg… Pressler, Music and Beyond, Natasha Turovsky, Philip Craig, Sheryl Luxenburg

The Fear of Impermanence
October 14, 2012

International Artist Magazine
Feb-March 2007, pages 118-128
Painting Two Planes of Sensory Perception:
Sheryl Luxenburg specializes in hyper-realism, which is the translation of what is found in the 3D real world into the creative world of the flat painting.
Excerpt of article in pdf (3.5 MB)

American Artist Magazine
May 2005, pages 60-66
Moments Frozen in Time:
Sheryl Luxenburg layers dots of transparent color and then mixes them with several types of watercolor mediums to capture the light, texture, and motion that occur at specific times of the day.
By Stephen Doherty
Excerpts of article in pdf (760 KB)

Select Reviews Year 2000…
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